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Windhoek's Hosea Kutako International Airport Map

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Updated 17 April 2013

Windhoek's Hosea Kutako International Airport Map



Departing Notes:

Exporting of Goods from Namibia:

A caution noted here, even before your arrival.


Your Home Country Requirements: Should you intend to purchase any animal products while visiting Namibia, please check with your home country's authorities regarding the importation of such goods. It may be that you can purchase the goods in Namibia only to discover when landing back in your home country that you are not allowed to import such items.


Namibian Requirements: For animal products such as cured game skins, carved ivory, game trophies etc, you must be in possession of the relevant Namibia export documentation.


For the exportation of Gem-stones cut or uncut, including collector mineral samples, you must be in possession of the relevant Namibian export documentation. It is a criminal offence in Namibia to attempt to export classified minerals without a permit.


VAT Refunds can be applied for at the Customs & Excise Office in the passage way between the arrivals and departure halls.


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Map of Windhoek Airport

Notes: Before landing in Namibia you should be given an arrivals form. You must complete this and hand it over with your passport to the Namibia Immigration Official on arrival. Planes park about 150 meters from the airport buildings. From here you will have to walk to the immigration hall. There are arrivals desks for Foreign Passport Holders, Residents of the SADC (Southern African Development Region), Namibian Residents, and Diplomatic Personnel. Make sure you go to the correct queue. Processing can take some time. The Namibian Immigration Authorities are quite efficient. Your travel documents must be valid, otherwise you will be detained.


Namibia Customs: The service varies from there apparently being no-one on duty (this is not the case) to being very picky about 'nothings'. On the whole, if stopped you'll find the Namibia Customs officers courteous and quite diligent, but be warned, should you be found to be in possession of contraband you will witness an almost eagerness that will see the law is exacted to its utmost. If you have anything to declare, do so and pay the duty. It will prove to be less of an inconvenience and much cheaper than the alternative.


The Airport is situated about 42km to the east of Windhoek. If you renting a vehicle, shuttle services are available. There is no price regulation and your chances of unscrupulous drivers taking advantage of you is quite high. Go to our Namibia-Tourism-Guide Site where you can see listed Shuttle Operators registered with the Namibia Tourism Board. (Present rates from WHD to Windhoek are between N$200 - N$350)


Airport Facilities: Bureau de Change, Curio Shops, Light refreshments cafe, Car Rental Offices. Namibia Police.


Getting into town (Windhoek): Most visitors make their car rental arrangements in advance. Most of the major rental firms have offices at the airport, and if not they should have your car waiting for you along with a driver. There are shuttle bus services that run into the centre of Windhoek.


Shuttle Transport: Operators must be registered with the Namibia Tourism Board. Be careful to establish the price of the ride before employing the service. The present going rate is about N$180 - N$200 per person from the Airport to Windhoek.


Shuttle Bus Operators ( Windhoek Airport)


Beware of Windhoek Taxis. There are few regulations monitoring this industry. The probability of you being charged excessive rates is very high. Some of Taxis are operate illegally and some are involved as get-away-cars following crimes.

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Windhoek's Hosea Kutako International Airport Map